Bericas Bedar Majan

Racing Champion,
Veteran Racing Champion -07


7.3.2001, Oman - 13.10.2014
Breeder: Sue Heather


Finnish Saluki Club: Newcomer of the Year 2003
Helsinki Sighthound Club: The fastest Saluki Male 2003
Lure Coursing Certificate Winner
Track record at Tampere 350 m 2003 - 2011
Finnish Saluki Club´s Veteran Racing Master 2007, 2008
Track Racing Saluki Of The Year 4. 2007
Track Racing Sighthound Of The Year 9.d. 2007
Best time 33,28 /480m at 2 yrs of age
19,68 /280m at 6 yrs of age


Mental acuity test 4th October 2003, Helsinki
The final result was 153,
with the following critique:

Capacity to function, coefficient 15,
+1 moderate
Tendency toward aggressive behavior, coefficient 1,
+1 low without post-attack aggressiveness
Desire for defence action, coefficient 1,
-1 insignificant
Desire to fight, coefficient 10,
+2 moderate
Nerves, coefficient 35,
+1 tendency to nervousness
Temperament, coefficient 15,
+2 moderate
Hardness, coefficient 8,
+1 tendency to softness
Accessibility, coefficient 15,
+3 kind, accessible, open
Unfamiliar with shots

Canine Good Citizen, Finland 2005

Nils has been screened, with an A result
Tgaa negative 01/08
Heart auscultation and ultrasonographic (echo) evaluation 04/11:
no murmurs
no signs of DCM/cardiac failure
no heart valve leak


Bericas Bedar Majan

70,9 cm tall power pack with the longest of gallop stride.

Nils´sire Almas, feathered red with black mask, is from Iran, where the Tamps have been breeding and hunting with their own line of salukis for decades – as Sir Terence Clark in his article relates. Feathered grizzle dam Jadhaba is bred by the Heathers while they still lived in Oman. Brother Basim has sired a litter in the USA.

The first qualifing time ( 480m under 34 sec.) for the title Finnish Racing champion 2 year old Nils ran at his very first competition, and the last needed at the age of 5.

Read my article on Nils from SPDBS Newsletter.

Thanks to courtesy of Micaela Lehtonen, more on Nils also on kennel Qashani.

Bericas Jadhaba Majan & Almas von Mahmoudyieh

Almas & puppy

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