July 2023

Third Yuzak litter was born!

Afra is on maternity leave, and Miek takes care of #nomercy on tracks and fields. 4th place at WCC Sweden and two champion qualifying times this season - clocks stopped at 32,67 on 19th July. Not bad, not bad at all.

Couple of years

Hello my name is Afra!

In 2021, a phenomenon in black swiped the tracks and fields of Europe like a fireball. FCI European Champion titles both in racing and coursing, all Finnish national winner titles - racing, lure coursing, pack coursing - top points, track records. Merci, always remembering her roots in Iran!
7 year young brothers Aurangzeb and Azadbeh formed a winning pack with Afra and took their second Finnish Pack Coursing Winner title. Azadbeh visited European Coursing Championships once more, resulting 9th out of 51 males.

2022. Life is a bitch, or at least heats are a part of bitches life. Afra managed to gain a new personal best on 480 metres, 32,04. Nox Infinita Ciguapa aka Lil Miek, daughter of mighty Oghab, had a strong start like I knew she would - thank you Hanna and Arto, Nox Infinita for your trust! Finnish Coursing Winner 2022 and on 480 metres clocks stopped at 32,58. Season ended with somewhat mixed feelings, my A-pups are now happily retired!


Highlights of years 2017 -2020

Azadbeh´s first Finnish Cup win in 2017, little did I know what an outstanding lure courser this passionate guy would prove to be. Derby wins from both lure coursing and racing for A-litter. (photo Marika Hämäläinen)

In summer 2018 Azadbeh participated European Coursing Championships in Denmark. Bronze medal! (photo Ralph Beyer)

Finnish Pack Coursing Champions 2018 - Aurangzeb, Arya and Azadbeh - bred, owned, trained by me. Perhaps the most cherished moment in my years with Salukis.

Hat trick! Azadbeh won invitational lc Finnish Cup third time in a row in 2019. Truly gifted and fast Oghab, imported by Nox Infinita, second. (photo Anniina Oksanen)

Year 2020 meant new beginnings: Afra de Boorchin of Iran and co-owned Nox Infinita Ciguapa arrived at Yuzak´s. (Afra´s photo: Virpi Kokko)

Seasons 2015 and 2016

It´s been busy!

Time flies...2015 brought the veteran title races (VMR and VMM) for the first Yuzak litter. Selma returned from her maternity leave, and achieved silver from the track and bronze from the field. Forever young Sinjabiya ran her third champion qualifying time on the track ja reached the 4th place in veterans on Finnish Salukiclub´s Lure Coursing Championship event - her sister Suspiria won with lc certificate! Earlier in 2015 Suspiria had a litter at Nox Infinita -kennel, out of famous Sharraque Asvinn. The new sighthound test, pack coursing, was made official in Finland, and both Yuzak and Nox Infinita teams were intrigued by it. Seeds of co-operation were planted. Pack Asvinn-Selma-Sinjabiya won their first competition together. A-litter practised racing on Thursday evenings at Hyvinkää track and tried a little lure coursing, too, VIDEO.
For 2016 we had two goals: to get racing and lure coursing hobbies nicely started for A-pups and to participate pack coursing competitions to help to make "the relative by marriage" Asvinn the first pack coursing champion. Nice start indeed: all debuted youngsters achieved at least one certificate from lc. Our Azadbeh´s take off in lc was the strongest, on the last event on the windy shores of northern Hailuoto his performance was considered so outstanding that he was given the Special Prize of the Head of Judges. Our Renaissance Saluki, the golden boy Aurangzeb made it in all three: certificates from lure coursing, pack coursing and racing. Nice title race placements for our newbie, too: Nordic Championships silver, Finnish Championships bronze and Finnish Salukiclub´s Racing Championships´ best male.
Pack coursing was a thiller. Team Nox Infinita & Yuzak had to succeed in each and every one of the competitions to make the dream come true - and it did! It was an emotional October afternoon when the first pack coursing champion title in the world was achieved by multi utility champion Sharraque Asvinn "Noa". He´s now retired but next generation is on its´s way: young offspring of "Noa"*Yuzak Suspiria and "Cham"*Yuzak Selma, the tiger squad, made a convincing debut at September and placed 2nd right after the victorious pack of Asvinn-Selma-Aurangzeb.
When the tracks had closed for the winter there still was one prize left for me: Aurangzeb was nominated the Racing Saluki of the Year, like her mom Selma four years before. Thank you all fellow enthusiasts and organisers of events, see you soon!(photo Kikko Kåhre)


Amira´s 10th birthday party earlier in summer - family is most important to her so it was held private. A massive updating project has finally reached somekind of conclusion.



A-litter album updated



A-litter album


Ice cream ball -litter...5 boys ja 1 girl, Yuzak A-types, I´m so glad to have you here!


WE´re expecting PUPPIES! Yesterday´s ultra sound scan confirmed Selma´s gravidity with beating hearts and tiny paws. Expected day of whelping is on week 33.


Amira was rewarded as the Racing Veteran of Year 2013 in the Finnish Sighthound Club. Nice flowers and a perfect end to her career.

Rest of 2013

This year was Sonbol´s and appropriately she won Finnish Sighthound Club´s Championship (SVKLM). In September, Selma was best Yuzak at Racing King (JK), result second. Amira retired with style by winning her very last start in October, Selma ended her season with a win at a five saluki start. Suspiria and Sinjabiya were 7th ja 8th at Finnish Saluki Club's lure-coursing championships. Sonbol was nominated as the racing saluki of the year, Amira again the racing veteran of the year of Finnish Saluki Club. Sinjabiya continues agility trainings, Selma´s puppy plans were decided to be postponed to summer 2014.

End of July

Home yard.


Team Yuzak took a vacation in Estonia. Horses and beach life.


EIGHT track record for Sonbol, Helsinki track 280 m 18,89 (photo: Liisa Toivanen). Sinjabiya won Helsinki Sighthound Clubs Championship.

RE SonbolHVK ratamestari Sinjabiya


7th track record for Sonbol, Helsinki track 350 m 23,54. 8 year old Amira is on the move: third out of three possible VM-titles, now with time 20,05/280m. Earned rest day!

VM-11-12-13 resting

Beginning of season 2013

Sonbol continued breaking records: all track records (280, 350, 480, 680 m) on Hyvinkää track are hers, as well as 280 and 480 m on Virpiniemi. Another title was gained(TS-13) as well as Finnish Saluki Club's Racing Championship 2013. Brand new BIS desert bred Amira won Finnish Saluki Club's Veteran Racing Championship 2013.

Yuzak SonbolDar el Hindiyas Amira BIS desert bred

Season 2012...

There are five title races in Finland: -Star Sprinter (TS), 280m -Derby (DV), 480m for 3 year olds -Veteran Racing Champion (VM), 280m for 6-8 year olds -Finnish Championship Race (SM), 480m. -Racing King (JK), 480m. Yuzaks participated in four of these: Selma won both DV-12 and SM-12. Sonbol JK-12, second year in a row. Selma was second. Amira VM-12, second year in a row. Both Sonbol and Selma became racing champions, Selma also a lc champion. Suspiria got a lc certificate. Sinjabiya got a racing certificate. She took part in her first unofficial agility competition and won her class. Selma was nominated as the racing saluki of the year, Amira the racing veteran of the year and Sonbol the active runner of the year of Finnish Saluki Club.

Yuzak SelmaYuzak Sinjabiya

May 2012

Selma won her 4th lure coursing competition and got her 4th certificate in Finland. She was selected as BIS at local Match Show. Sonbol won her first 680 m start with an entry of four Salukis. Sanjar won title lure coursing Derby Winner (DVM-12) with cc.Selma was second, Sonbol 6th. Sanjar also won his first racing start at Tampere and placed 2nd at Meri-Lapin lure coursing competition. Selma and Suspiria raced their first start for the season, and finished in this order.

Yuzak SanjarYuzak Selma

April 2012

Yuzak Sinjabiya got her Canine Good Citizen diploma.

Yuzak Sinjabiya

October 2011

Yuzak Sanjar won the last lc competition of this season.Yuzak Sonbol won the last race of 2011, sister Yuzak Suspiria ran her first race at the same start of five salukis.

September 2011

Yuzak Sonbol, track record 32,74/480m at Oulu and a national racing title JK-11.

August 2011

Yuzak Sonbol, track record 32,16/480m at Hyvinkää.

Yuzak Selma, 4th place and certificate at National Lure Coursing Championship.

Yuzak Suspiria, 8th out of 21 at Intenational Lure Coursing Competition in Mustiala.

Yuzak Sonbol


Amira won Veteran Racing Champion-11 title.


Yuzak Sonbol is short distance champion 2011 (280 metres: 19,14/19,31).


Amira received Helsinki Sighthound Club´s perpetual trophies for best racing Saluki and fastest bitch 2010.


Salma (Yuzak Suspiria) won her class (18 participants) at an un-official lure coursing event. Selma placed 2nd, Hukka 8th and Valmu (Yuzak Sonbol) 9th.


Amira won Helsinki Sighthound Club Championship race (5 participants).


Amira qualified as a Racing Champion.


Puppies are born! Follow updates in Yuzak puppy diary.


Amira was confirmed to be in whelp! First Yuzak-litter is expected on week 21.


Finland´s 3rd fastest Salukis 2008 were our bride & bridesgroom: Amira on 480m out of 36 participants, veteran aged Nils on 280m out of 15 participants Â- only younger ones went faster.


Website published!


Amira placed 2nd at the Finnish Championship Races, Nils was 4th.

Dar el Hindiyas Amira, photo: Laura Rodriguez

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