(Yuzak Afrasiyab x Afra de Boorchin of Iran)

Nomen est omen.

To breed from Afra was always the plan, then life happened and I had to carpe diem. Kind and handsome Afrasiyab has not lead a life as a sports dog, but his line is proven through his littermates. Like a dear friend, member of our global village expressed, "this litter brings the threads together..Sheyda..Abee.. Gare-Qush..with earlier Persian...von Iransamin and Mamoudiyya...a new part of the tapestry! May they be all gold threads!!"

Superhappy to announce that pregnancy is confirmed, 8 feathered pups excpected around mid July. Since Afra is Kb/Kb all pups will be black or shades of grey. There is a waiting list on females. Serious inquiries bedaramira at gmail.com

EDIT. Three boys and five girls saw the daylight on 13th July, and all well in the realm! Photos on Yuzak L-litter

Yuzak Afrasiyab  Pirjo PuttonenSVKL Vuoden ratajuoksija 2021  Pirjo Puttonen

Yuzak Afrasiyab  Pirjo PuttonenYuzak Afrasiyab  Pirjo Puttonen