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(Hamtaziyane Tizpa Iranschahr "Cham" x LC & Racing Ch Yuzak Selma)
s.12.8.2014, 5 + 1

Pics on A-litter

Selma and Cham have proved to be uncompromising runners with speed and endurance enough for both lure coursing and racing. Cham placed second in ELC 2011 and took part at racing WM 2012. I´ve met most of Iranschahr H-litter and they all have outgoing temperaments, like Selma.

All Yuzak S-pups have earned a certificate in lc/racing. Cham´s littersisters Hanaya and Homa´y are lure coursing champions, and Homa´y also a Schönheit und Leistung - champion and Club Winner for Beauty and Performance (DWZRV Sieger für Schönheit und Leistung). Both Cham´s sister Haftrangi, "Raffi" - racing champion, racing saluki bitch of the year 2012 & 2013 in Germany, triple Bundessiegerin and racing EM second in 2013, DWZRV Winner Beauty + performance 2013 - and Selma´s sister Sonbol - racing champion and a multiple track record keeper - are among the fastest comtemporary salukis in whole Europe. More on Cham´s littermates, pictures and results, here.

Both parents have had their hearts examined healthy with cardiac ultrasound. As have Selma´s parents owned by me. Results on Finnish Salukis hearts can be checked on Finnish Saluki Club´s list.

Selma´s DLA-haplotype variations can be deducted from the tests made on her sire Bericas Bedar Majan and dam Dar el Hindiyas Amira; she is heterozygous with quite rare ones.

Any beautiful Saluki colour can be expected in this litter - rainbow´s the limit!

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