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Non Serviam is located in Tuusula and part of our team resides in Rovaniemi area.

On our website you can familiarize yourself with our hounds and plans. You are welcome to visit us if you wish to see our breeds IRL.

Ameena, Hyde, Ada & Sanja 11.07.2009

Photo: Erkki Liius (photo on menu: Laura Rodriguez)


Hasina & Hyde, photo: Minja Viitamäki

My official name is Heidi Tuonelanharju and I was born in 1980. I'm from Kiuruvesi and a media assistant by trade.

I fell for the Saluki when I saw one depicted in a dog book at age 5, but my first Saluki did not come to live with me until 2000. In the spring of 2002 I completed the Finnish Kennel Club's breeder's course and later that year I got the prefix Non Serviam.

In addition to other activities I have been the editor of the Finnish Sighthound Association's magazine and updated the puppy agency, the lure-coursing results and the racing results of Finnish Saluki Club's website and served as one of the maintainers of the Saluki pedigree database (Pawpeds).

I was born in Rovaniemi in November 1982. My childhood was spent in the small village of Pirttikoski, in the former rural county of Rovaniemi.

The dream of a dog of my own was born at age 8, as I read and re-read the dog books in our library. I wanted a Siberian Husky and was promised one: "When you turn 12." But when the time came I realized that I did not have enough time for a dog due to being busy with school.

I was the proud owner of the cat Sakke at 15, in '97-'98. I got my first dog when I moved away from home at 16.

I have worked as the webmaster for the Finnish Borzoi Club's website and wrote the Borzoi column for the Finnish Sighthound Association's magazine, Vinttikoira.

Igor & Sanja, photo: Minja Viitamäki

The Dogs & Us


Kimble, Luumu, Sanja & Hasina

Photo: Hyde

Our Philosophy

We want to breed good tempered and functional sighthounds to serve as family members and partners in doggy sports.

We value the origins and function of our chosen breeds, but cannot claim to preserve the breeds as they still are in the countries of origin - our resources are not sufficient for that. Our breedings are aimed at producing outgoing and healthy, unexaggerated sighthounds with potential for coursing and racing and hopefully also their original function.

We do not strive for a uniform type conformation wise. Looks are not irrelevant, but in planning combinations they must not affect choices too much. Most important is that the temperaments of the prospective parents match. We think the exaggerated type, that does not coincide with our idea of a functional hunting hound, is overrated in the show rings of today.

We value good temperament above all - a dog that is self-confident, brave, inquisitive and friendly and has the requisite hunting and prey drive. Although the hunting instinct is innate to the Saluki and Borzoi, one must not discount the importance of training puppies on the lure, as this provides the basis for the coming running career.

We appreciate many different Saluki types. For instance, we especially like some classic British Salukis, while Anima Divina and Amanita Citrina are closest to our ideal among the Salukis of our own breeding. We like a balanced Saluki with strong bone and effortless, light and supple movement. Balance is paramount both standing and in motion. These days we see a lot of dogs with perfectly parallel movement, but with side movement lacking the typical suppleness and lightness.

In Borzois we prefer medium sized, sparsely coated and all around moderate individuals. Our ideal is Klingsor's Udascha, who is lovely both in conformation and temperament. Our breeding focuses mainly on Salukis.

Our principals:

- We strive to use only good tempered dogs that are nice and easy to live with - a Saluki should not be a timid and jumpy ghost that hides behind its owner (or the furniture). A confident dog is a happy dog.

- We strive to use a broad range of different lines and to avoid high inbreeding coefficients.

- Our dogs must have normal reproductive instincts - we do not use artificial insemination unless the male is too far away (Europe is not too far, America is). We will not do combinations where the bitch rejects the male we've chosen.

- We want to avoid breeding bitches that are closely related to bitces with birthing difficulties and/or insufficient nurturing instincts.

- The dog must have a normal appetite and strong survival instinct.

- We want to avoid breeding dogs too young. In our own breeding we want the bitch to be at least 4 years old, as in both Salukis and Borzois it is usually still possible to mate a bitch for the first time around 6 years of age. With males one naturally has even more time.

* * *

We have only been in sighthounds for a short while and still have a lot to learn. Our experiences thus far have however already strongly shaped our idea of good representatives for our breeds.

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